Designer Statement

My priority as a designer is to transmit clarity of the concept and a visual impact for my viewers. When an idea or concept is conceived, my goal is to move what starts as an unsolved problem into a work of art that my client will embrace. For as long as I can remember, I have been an organized, detail-oriented person. My process as a graphic designer is based on thinking, sketching, rethinking, and sketching once again. I analyze the most important part of the design, take it into a creative process, and then make it come to life as a compelling design for my client. I do so by balancing the composition and visual space, giving attention to detail, and creating an organized design. 

There are many elements that must be considered in graphic design in order to create a successful work and they must be applied cohesively. The designs I create are drawn from shapes, lines and balance. Throughout my designs, the relationship between content, form and function are presented in every aspect. The form is what makes the design appealing. It is what gives visual shape to my work. My focus as a designer is to identify every detail and how they relate to each other, from font choice, color palette, texture, style. All of these elements have a great impact on the way it is perceived.